Rules & Regulations

This year we are faced with the challenge of keeping everyone safe and healthy due to the worldwide pandemic of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. In order to follow the guidance from the CDC, SC DHEC and USA Swimming we are putting preventive measures in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19. With this in mind please note the new and changed rules for the 2020 swim season:

  1. Pool privileges are restricted to members and guests. ALL members and guests must register upon entering pool area.
  2. Attendance is limited to 35 people. Visits will be limited to 2 hour increments. Only 1 time slot can be reserved each day. You will need to reserve your time slot prior to arrival. You will not be allowed entrance into the pool without a reservation. Reservations can be made on our website: under the “Swim” tab click on Pool Slot Reservation. You will need to list the # of people in your family that will attend. If you are unable to attend, you must cancel your time slot; failure to do so could result in the loss of your pool privileges.
  3. A pool use waiver must be completed prior to registering for the pool reservation system.
  4. Arrive as close as possible to your reserved time slot. Be prepared to leave as soon as your reserved time slot has ended. Do not congregate with others prior to entering or after leaving the pool deck.
  5. Wear your swim suit to and from the pool. Do not change at the pool.
  6. Guest fees are $3.00 per guest (all day); children under 2 are free. This charge will be billed to your account (Club and Social Members). Cash will be required from Pool-Only members.
  7. No Guests will be allowed at the Pool during the 2020 season. Guests are anyone other than members and their immediate families living in the same household. There will be no charge for sitters or nannies of members’ children.
  8. No pool parties will be held this season.
  9. No pool floats will be allowed with the exception of noodles. Do not share noodles or other personal items brought to the pool with others.
  10. Picnic tables and umbrellas will be in place. No lounge chairs will be provided. You will need to bring your own lounge or upright chair.
  11. Chairs must be placed in the designated areas and spaced accordingly to meet the social distancing requirement of 6′.
  12. The baby pool will be limited to 3 swimmers.
  13. Parents will not be allowed on the pool deck during their child’s swim lesson or swim team participation. After dropping your child off please return to your vehicle or designated viewing area outside the pool fence.
  14. You are encouraged to bring your own water bottle in order to avoid touching the tap of the water fountain.
  15. Lost and Found will not be provided. Be sure to pack all your belongings prior to leaving. Items left behind will be discarded.
  16. Person to person interaction between members of separate households should be limited and social distancing of 6′ should be practiced.
  17. A sanitation station will be provided.
  18. Members may bring up to 4 guests per day (per household membership). If a member desires to bring more than 4 guests it will be considered a private party subject to other restrictions and fees.
  19. All children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  20. Swim Diapers are required for children who are not potty trained. If a child has an accident in the pool requiring the pool to close, the member will be required to pay an “Accidental Fee” of $150.00.
  21. Only employees are allowed to enter the pump room, equipment room, and lifeguard room.
  22. During the hourly 10-minute lifeguard break, adults will be allowed to remain in the pool. Children under 17 will not be permitted to swim unless they are a certified lifeguard.
  23. Coolers are allowed at the pool; however, absolutely no glass containers are allowed inside the gate.
  24. The lifeguards shall have discretionary authority to discipline children using the following guidelines:
  • First Offense: Sit out of pool for 10 minutes.
  • Second Offense: Leave pool area for one day.
  • Third Offense: Loss of pool privileges for one week.
  • Fourth Offense or flagrant abuse of rules: Must appear before
    management with parents


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